What Are Fortune 500 Companies… Professional Welders… And Weekend Garage Mechanics Using That’s Saving Them Hundreds, Even Thousands Of $$$ Every Time They Use It?


They’re cashing in on an amazing breakthrough technology in metal repair that quickly fixes broken parts (including ones that were impossible before now)…


Making metal parts stronger and more durable than ever before

Easily preventing days or weeks of down time while

Saving thousands of dollars in preventable replacement costs…

… and now you can too!


From:  New Technology Products team

Houston, Texas

Thursday Morning


Before you replace another cracked engine block… oozing radiator… leaky aluminum boat… pinhole riddled oil pan or fuel tank you need to see this.


I’m going to show you an exciting new technology in brazing rods. It’s a new second-generation brazing rod allowing you – even if you have little or no experience in metal repair — to…

1        fix cracks

2        holes

3        leaks

4        rivets

5        broken ears

6       threads

7        fabricate aluminum, cast aluminum, and cast iron quickly and easily


… making it stronger than new!


If you’re a welder you know repairing aluminum is difficult and almost impossible if it contains corrosion, oil, antifreeze, or is impregnated with any other impurities. And many times aluminum parts are just plain impossible to weld successfully (before now that is).


In fact, to even attempt fixing one of these parts meant you needed an expensive tig- welding machine, gloves, and a mask. This can easily cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. And there’s no guarantee it will do the trick.


Your other option is to take your broken part to a repair shop (if you don’t have your own welding machine). But this doesn’t guarantee you a permanent solution to your problem either. I’ll explain…


Let’s say you’re dealing with a cracked engine block. Many shops don’t have the expertise or the equipment to fix something this serious. So they send it out to a professional welder (very expensive) or suggest you buy a new engine (outrageously expensive).


As you can see, up until now your options were limitedand expensive. But not anymore!


Today, instead of sending your repairs out and waiting – let alone suffering the cost and the downtime – you can easily perform them yourself... even if you have little or no experience fixing metal parts. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know step-by-step (more details on this in a moment).


Now you can save money, time, and frustration with the finest repair material ever developed.


More than 10,000 satisfied Dealers, Professional Welders, Machine Shops, and Repair Shop Professionals will tell you after trying all other products to repair aluminum and cast, our products are the only ones they use and trust.


Stop Throwing Your Money Away – Get The Finest Metal Repair In The World – Guaranteed!


I’m about to show you a revolutionary new brazing rod, called HTS-2000. It’s reinventing the way aluminum repairs are made.


I’ll show you real people who are reporting absolutely phenomenal success rates! (Wait till you see who uses this stuff!)


I’ve personally tested HTS-2000 in the field by repairing over 1,000 housings. So I know it works. It has a proven success rate of 99%.


Before HTS-2000 most people resorted to using bailing wire, Duck tape, or glue as a temporary repair method. This inevitably led to the permanent solution – buying a new part.


If you’re a shop owner I understand the challenges you face when your customers bring in their cracked engines, manifolds, busted radiators and other broken parts. In the past you were limited to either throwing the broken parts away, or sending them out for the expensive experts to try and fix.


The results were usually less than perfect. Plus, it would end up extremely costly in labor charges. And the repair couldn’t even be guaranteed to hold.




Frankly, because the method of choice (and the only viable method up until now) was brazing or welding. This is a big problem since many people don’t know how to weld or if they do, they don’t own a welding machine.


“Quick & easy repairs without sending them out…”


"Your product has allowed us to repair skaggs and Cavitation plates, and has allowed us to quickly and easily repair cracks, holes, rivets, and seams on aluminum boats without having to send them out to be welded." 

Jimmy Houston Marine - Rodgers, ARK


“Easy to use… and strong seams when finished…”


"The HTS-2000 that I ordered sure is great to work with. We are working on getting our Regional Response Trailer ready for deployment. We have quite an inventory of tools to mount on our trailer that range from small hand tools to generators and hydraulic power units. We fabricate most of our brackets, and try to use aluminum as much as we can so we won't have worry about repainting or rusting over the years.


The HTS-2000 has sure simplified our work. I can't believe how easy it is to use and how strong the seams are when finished. We tried mig welding, but it just is not as easy as using the HTS-2000. Thanks for a great product, it has solved all of our aluminum welding problems."

Jacksonville Fire Rescue

Capt. Robert Hicks - Florida Task Force 5


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Experience The World’s Strongest… Fastest… And
Easiest Repair For Metals


If you’re a professional welder or machine shop owner, you can save your customers a ton of money. They’ll appreciate you for this… rewarding you with their loyalty and referrals.


This second generation high-strength brazing rod allows you to repair aluminum stronger than a welding machine, without the machine. All you need to repair any metal stronger than new is a heat source (propane or mapp gas), a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene, and HTS-2000.


Imagine getting stronger, better results than welding, by using these high-strength brazing rods and just a torch – the kind you probably already have in your shop or garage right now – or can easily pick up at your local hardware store. Experience these results for yourself


1         Stronger - More tensile strength plus more elongation (elasticity) so you’ll get a repair that is stronger than the original part


2        Easier - No flux… no mixes… no special brush needed… using this new second generation HTS-2000 brazing rod is a breeze compared to any other brazing rod you’ve used before


3        Better Penetrating – Penetrates deep into the pores… beyond antifreeze, oil, corrosion and other impurities lurking below the surface that no other brazing rod or welding can get to… leaving you a tough, durable repair you can count on for many years to come


Will It Work For Your Job?


YES!  As I said before, all you need to repair any metal stronger than new is a heat source (propane or mapp gas), a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene, and HTS-2000.


When you fire up HTS-2000 you’ll…


1         Save time – Repairs are fast and simple so you’ll not only perform more repairs (increasing your bottom line) but you’ll save your customers time (they’ll reward you with their loyalty and referrals)

2        Save money – Cheaper than sending your repairs out or buying new parts (you’ll create loyal customers when they discover you repaired their broken part… perhaps saving them thousands of dollars over the cost of a new part)

3        Do it yourself – You’ll get professional, lasting results regardless of your experience… and once you buy from us you’ll receive Lifetime Technical Support (more on that in a moment)

4        Do the impossible! – Successfully perform many repairs that were previously too difficult or almost impossible to do


“We saved our customer $3,500…”


“We tried your welding rod thinking it would be like all the rest. Wow! It worked great! We repair aluminum boats--the riveted and welded type. With our machine, we were able to turn the boat to the right angle and make the repair easily without having to fight gravity.

We saved our customer about $3,500. The boat had landed on a steel fence post in one of our lakes. The insurance company had written off the boat because of the cost to replace the bottom. We riveted a plate on the inside, then turned the boat over and welded it. We sanded it smooth and the customer is going to spot paint. The cost of the repair was $800.”

click on photo to enlarge...
Bob Gibbons



Aluminum Repair, Cast Aluminum Repair or Cast Iron Repair.




Just a few used parts that can be repaired with HTS-2000:

Aluminum Heads
Cast Iron Heads
A/C Lines
Timing Covers
Fuel Tanks
Complete Fabrication
Aluminum Boats
Cavitation Plates
Tool Boxes

Truck Beds 
Transmission Cases
Oil Pans
Bell Housing
Condenser Lines
2N tractor parts
Industrial Parts

Pot Metal Parts
Engine Blocks
Irrigation Pipes
Aviation Float
Body shop



“20-Years experience says it all…”

"I’ve been welding aluminum for over twenty years. HTS-2000 proved to be stronger than my own welds when tested."

B.T. - Tulsa, OK


If you’re a welder you know one of your biggest headaches when dealing with aluminum is corrosion, oil, antifreeze or impurity impregnation.  HTS-2000 is the answer to your prayers. Here’s why – it works in places that are impossible to weld. And it’s stronger than tig-welding.


The best part of all is… you don’t need an expensive tig-welding machine ($2000-$10,000) or gloves or a mask or any of the other gimmicks. Just the HTS-2000 brazing rod and a heat source (like a torch)… THAT’S IT!



“Heli-arc wouldn’t work… HTS-2000 did!”

"We used HTS-2000 to repair a Mitsubishi engine head that both I and a factory rep had given up on because the aluminum was contaminated and the heli-arc simply wouldn’t work."

P.S.- Fayetteville, AR


“We saved $3,200 the first day…”


"The first day we repaired a transmission housing that could not have been repaired any other way, a new housing would have cost $3,200.00. Thank you so much!"

Columbus Truck & Equipment - Columbus, OH 
Mack & Isuzu Dealer 


If you’re a materials buyer for a major corporation – like Caterpillar, Toyota, or Boeing for example – you know how difficult it is to buy exactly the right product to meet your shop manager’s needs when it comes to repairing metal. You have many choices out there…




“Greatest innovation in aluminum repair…”

"My welders tell me this is the greatest innovation in aluminum repair they have ever seen!"

Acme Truck Parts - Fresno, CA
One of America's largest sellers of used tractor parts.


“Could have saved us over one hundred hours of work…”

"We would have saved over one hundred hours of work replacing the firewall on an eighteen wheeler if we could have had this product a few months ago."

Volvo GMC Trucks- Dallas, TX  


“Saved parts for us…”

"Your product has saved parts for us that could not be repaired any other way!"

Utility Peterbilt - Indianapolis, IN


“Irreplaceable 1931 Chrysler engine saved…”


"HTS-2000 was used to repair a 1931 Chrysler engine head that could not be repaired any other way we know of."

Universal Machine Shop - Las Vegas, NV  



If you’re the kind of guy who tinkers around in his garage on the weekends and needs a quick and easy way to fix broken metal parts, then HTS-2000 is for you…




“Your material was a lifesaver…”

"I purchased your product having absolutely no welding experience in order to repair about 30 corrosion holes in the hull of an aluminum boat. Your material was a lifesaver and really made "quick-work" of the repair."

John Borduin


“Tried to use Alladin 3 in 1 rod with no success…”

"I had tried to use Alladin 3 in 1 rod with no success. I now make many repairs with HTS-2000 that were next to impossible with my welder."

Ken Ellison Machine Shop - Baltimore, MD

 “Used HTS-2000 as soon as I got it… Thanks!”


"I used HTS-2000 as soon as I got it to replace the spark plug and exhaust port thread inserts on my Harley dragster. Thanks!"

Laffette Harley-Nashville – TN



Instead of ordering hard to find parts that take too long to ship, you can now fix them yourself. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, HTS-2000 second generation technology brazing rods makes every job quicker, simpler and gives you superior results… stronger than what you started with brand new. GUARANTEED!


You won’t find these new superior quality brazing rods anywhere else at the price I’m offering them for. You see I’m not interested in lining my pockets with your hard earned cash. I want to give hard working people like you a much-needed solution to a tough problem and a great value at the same time. So I’ve come up with a special deal for you when you secure HTS-2000 today. Right from this page. In a moment I’ll give you all the details…


Not long ago the only way you could order this one-of-a-kind problem solver was in 5-pound quantities at $500 a whack (plus S & H). More than 10,000 professional shops have ordered this product at $100 per pound with this 5-pound minimum. But no more.


After receiving word from smaller companies and individuals that you didn’t need this much quantity… we listened.


We put our heads together and created a 1-pound Economy Pack. That’s not all, now – for a limited time only – you can get this economy pack for the Factory Direct Price of only $65 USD (plus S&H). Regular retail for this small quantity is $130 USD.


Imagine what you can do with the money you save as you use HTS-2000 to repair broken parts instead of replacing them. Let’s take a look at some typical replacement costs…


1         Bob Gibbons saved his customer $2,700 when he repaired a boat for $800 instead of $3,500

2        Thomas Smith saved $520 when he used $5 worth of HTS-2000 to repair his BMW’s leaky oil pan… the cost of a new pan is $525 – Ouch!

3        Rex Hutchison builds world record producing car & boat racing engines in Sacramento, CA. In his machine shop he fixes blowers, engine heads, oil pans, and manifolds. His customers eagerly return to him over and over because he saves them a ton of money by fixing these expensive high performance parts.


Before HTS-2000 Your Choices Were Limited
When It Came To Fixing Broken
Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, And Cast Iron…


You had to…


1         Know special metal repair techniques

2        Own or rent expensive equipment and tools just to get the job done

3        Suffer through breathing unhealthy noxious fumes

4        Determine if you needed a flux mix (and if you did, which one was right for the job?)


Today all you need is HTS-2000 and a heat source (like a torch). What could be easier? And remember, your repair ends up stronger than the original part.


HTS-2000 brazing rods are altogether different than traditional rods. They’re 330% stronger than first generation brazing rods. You see, all other brazing rods on the market were created using 1940’s technology.


By comparison – HTS-2000 was developed in 1992 using space age technology (that was unheard of back in the 40’s).  Other brazing rods are made by combining 3 or 4 alloys.


HTS-2000 combines 9 alloys. This is why it’s super strong and resilient. It bends 10% and withstands the pressure of 45,900 PSI before it breaks. This allows it to handle stress and vibration in a way no other brazing rod comes close to.


Since we first introduced this revolutionary brazing rod we’ve seen several competitors falsely raise their tensile strength ratings from 37,000 PSI to as much as 47,000 PSI. However, they don’t fully understand that durability is not just from tensile strength. You must also consider the elongation (elasticity).


Another thing you’ll notice right away is the ease of use. There’s nothing to mix. No extra flux is needed due to the advanced combination of metals used in manufacturing this incredible brazing rod. No other brazing rod penetrates into the pores so completely… which truly makes it the easiest, fastest, and strongest way for anyone to repair aluminum and other metals.


But don’t take my word for it. I promised to show you a list of our clients. See for yourself the sophisticated companies who are using our HTS-2000 second generation brazing rod. These companies want to get the job done right the first time… now you can too.


Our satisfied customers include:
















Rolls Royce

Harley Davidson


General Motors








Allison Transmission



Aamco Transmission






U.S. Department Of Defense

Nuclear Plants

The United Space Alliance



Now You Can Turn A Torch
Into A Tool More Valuable
Than You Ever Imagined!


HTS-2000 is now used by more than 10,000 dealerships and repair shops from coast to coast, many of which used to use first generation rods with little or no success. These companies are now repairing expensive aluminum parts instead of throwing them away. Saving thousands—even millions of dollars.


This second generation flux-less brazing rod is the only one the professionals use and trust.


They’re saving countless hours of downtime. They’re telling me that no other product comes close for strength and ease of use. Just imagine what you can do with the time and money you’ll save!


As you scan the companies listed above, I’m sure you’ll notice a few names you recognize. When it comes to fixing broken parts – these companies need fast… accurate… long-lasting solutions.  They need repairs they can count on 100% to do the job right the first time.


Frankly, it can be a matter of life and death…




That’s why airlinesautomakers… and NASA all put their safety and trust in HTS-2000. You should too!


“The strongest and easiest aluminum repair we’ve ever seen!”

Cummins West, Inc. – San Leander, CA


Besides supplying the brazing rod of choice to over 10,000 of the nation’s top dealerships and repair shops… we have another big reason to celebrate. We’re now supplying this miracle-brazing rod internationally.


And this benefits you. Here’s why…


To celebrate our international expansion we’re offering you our Factory Direct Prices when you order through our secure site or by calling us at: 1-713-935-9292  and placing your order.  Factory direct means you save an unbelievable 50%  (or more).




 Stop Throwing Your Hands Up In Despair…

Don’t Buy One More New Replacement Part

Until You Experience The HTS-2000 Difference!





It’s time you discovered just how easy it is to fix broken parts. Not only that, once you purchase our product, you’ll qualify for our FREE Lifetime Technical Support. Some companies charge anywhere from $25 per call on up to $197 or more a year to subscribe to their technical support service.


We’re making it available to you absolutely free… whenever you need it. We will never bill you. Unlike some tech support services you’ve seen – where you have to search an online database and hope to find your question and the solution. When you call us you’ll talk to real-live-knowledgeable people just waiting to answer your questions. And remember, it’s free! This benefit alone is worth hundreds of dollars a year. 


Anytime you’re using HTS-2000 and you have a question – help is only a phone call away. US customers simply call toll-free 1-713-935-9292. Call anytime during our convenient extended hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CST (-6 GMT) and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST (-6 GMT).


Think about this for a moment. You no longer need to worry about ordering hard to find parts that can take forever to ship. With our unsurpassed fluxless brazing rods you can fix parts quickly… inexpensively… and stronger than they were brand new!


In fact, we’re so sure you’ll find HTS-2000 indispensable… we’re taking all the risk. Order the quantity you need and really put them to the test. If these one-of-a-kind brazing rods aren’t everything we promise and more… return them. That’s right, return the unused portion for a full refund (less S&H). Here’s how easy it is…


Simply call our FREE Lifetime Technical Support desk and request a Return Authorization number. Be sure to put that number on your return package. Once we receive your authorized return we’ll cheerfully refund every penny you paid (less S&H).


Save 50% Or More With Factory Direct Prices!


You can try it out with the 1-pound Economy Pack (contains 35 rods 18 inches long) for only $65 USD (a 50% savings over the $130 regular retail price).


And for bigger jobs and a great deal, order the 5-pound Heavy Duty Pack for only $250 USD (plus S&H). You’re saving 50% off the regular retail price of $495.


Now for HUGE jobs and the greatest savings, you can order the 10-pound Industrial Pack for only $400 USD (plus S&H). That’s only $40 a pound. This is a 55% savings over the regular retail price of $895!



Like I said, order the quantity you need and really put them to the test. Repairing aluminum is now as easy as 1-2-3. In addition to our free lifetime technical support, we’ll also send you a comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide giving you useful tips and techniques to help you fix parts quickly… easily… and permanently. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying HTS-2000. But if you don’t at least give it a try, you could end up paying thousands as you needlessly purchase brand new parts. After all, with our PROVEN brazing rods, you can fix even your most difficult broken parts… making them stronger than new! Guaranteed.


Oh yes, HTS-2000 also works extremely well on zinc… pewter… magnesium… pot metal… copper… or any metal that has pores (in addition to aluminum and cast aluminum).


Order today and cash in on our Factory Direct Savings! These prices are only good when you order via our secure site or call us at: 1-713-935-9292, Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
CST (-6 GMT) and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST (-6 GMT


Best regards,

New Technology Products team
Houston, Texas


P.S.  One more thing… Let me introduce our newest breakthrough HTS-528. What HTS-2000 does for aluminum and cast aluminum… HTS-528 does for cast iron. I’ll briefly explain…

Cast iron’s enemy is time, rust, and oil impregnation. I’m excited to tell you that we’ve done it again! HTS-528 works exceptionally well with cast iron and steel, even when other forms of welding have failed. We’ve also found it successfully makes unique repairs not previously tried with welding. Our same 60-day NO RISK-NO HASSLE guarantee applies… so give it a try today.



"HTS-2000 has literally been a life saver! We have repaired parts we thought could not be repaired and have been able to save many customers from having to wait weeks to get in a new part. HTS-2000 was so incredible we just purchased your new rod for steel and cast iron."

Tri State Ford- Cincinnati – OH